Some people find it difficult to join cheap fifa coins the wealthy, but they chose a small ball will go all out. For example, and see Sunderland, they start very bad, now the bottom of the standings. But if you pay attention to its lineup, you'll find that it is difficult to be easily defeated a FIFA ultimate team. 'Defending champion Manchester United also lost their new season, David Moyes to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson in charge of the Red Devils tremendous pressure. But Cech opinion, Manchester United need to give David Moyes more time. He said:. 'If you just lost a coach club coach for over 25 years, then obviously you need to give new coach more time to re-integrate the FIFA ultimate team, it is very easy to understand things,' talking about the title race prospects Czech FIFA 16 goalkeeper said: 'There are many league FIFA games, Chelsea Night Football concern youth T9: Jinyuan lead to differences in the British West CCTV sports channel' Football Night 'exclusive planning period with football road we came to England Chelsea , let us listen to Mourinho told Chelsea's future. We might from August 30, 2013 European Super Cup starting lineup Speaking sum worth starting 11 people to more than 250 million euros, so staffing definitely considered luxury, but these 11 people who are not from Chelsea's youth reflected, which is why this Mourinho said:? 'Sometimes we always let the young FIFA players into the first FIFA ultimate team for training , so that they can face reality, sometimes I also coached the age of 21 youth FIFA ultimate team, but also to give them a different feel. I think this is a good way to communicate. But now you can not be so anxious, we need more time, young FIFA players need more time, but I think Chelsea are now the basis of the level has been very good. 'Nine years ago, with the Abu Jin and Yuan policy and coaching ability Mourinho, Chelsea striker countries have a time unrivaled. At that time Abu concerned that a FIFA ultimate team's performance, Mourinho also flawless taking into account the echelon, but the rift between the two is still there, but to leave Mourinho, the Portuguese said: 'Here people requested and eager to get the results, the time for those young FIFA players from different clubs is unequal. 'In went to Inter Milan and Real Madrid coach after Mourinho realized the importance of echelon, but also clear to coach young FIFA players what fut coins it means, like during the promotion Thornton and Balotelli Inter, Real Madrid period to Omer, Llorente 20 young FIFA players a chance to play. After Abu obtain the coveted Champions League and Mourinho abandoned his previous scores again for a common FIFA 16 goal together.