I am new to this forum as well as to Guitar playing.
You must be aware what a 'Bhajani Theka' is. It is most commonly played on Tabla like instruments.
I was wondering if that rhythm can be played on guitar.

Actually I am interesting as to how one would strum the guitar to get that kind of effect.
But it is not appropriate to ask for chords without mentioning a song. Almost all the marathi bhajans have a rhythm based on the 'Bhajani Theka'.

I will post my favorite Marathi Bhajan as an example of the 'Bhajani theka'.

'Maaze Maaher Pandhari - By Pt. Bhimsen Joshi' - majhe maher pandhari - YouTube .

Observe the beats of the Tabla to get a feel of the Bhajani Theka.

It would be great if you illustrate the strumming patterns using chords for the above piece. But it would be just as great if you know some other song which uses a similar rhythm. All I want to learn is the strumming pattern and possibly some apt chords for this kind of rhythm.

(I know concept of 'chords' doesn't fit neatly with Hindustani Classical Music . But just want to learn and experiment.)