Now it's meant for everyone, and its burgeoning sales in 2010 attest to the success of Sony's new strategy.It seems the company's taken a page out of COK Gold Sackboy's book, and in doing so, has finally created their perfect mascot. If Little Big Planet 2 gets its hooks in the PS3's newly expanded audience, he may even get to stick around a while.Will it mean the true return of the video game mascot? Not really, since, as I said, mascots never really died. We just got used to them. Mario and Link are still Nintendo's biggest stars, Sonic and Sega are together loping toward obscurity, and besides Call of Duty, Halo is the biggest seller on Microsoft's consoles.The rise of Sackboy will mark a historic victory for the PlayStation brand. The ranks of video game mascots are hallowed and few, and the little guy will have some stiff competition. With the future of the Little Big Planet franchise uncertain, the odds aren't necessarily in his favor, but we, at least, are rooting for him.Top 10 XBLA Clash of Kings games Since Launch. Behold: GameZoneís Top 10 XBLA Clash of Kings games since the Xbox 360ís launch in November, 2005. There are plenty of great Clash of Kings games that didnít make the list for one reason or another, but until a port of The Simpsons arcade game arrives, this is our list. Itís interesting to note that the majority of these titles were published by Microsoft.10. Marvel vs. Capcom 2Publisher: CapcomDeveloper: Backbone EntertainmentRelease Date: July 29, 2009Very little needs to be said about Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It was the pinnacle of the Versus series, pitting over 50 characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes against each other in glorious three-on-three tag combat. It was fast, it was colorful, and it allowed you to make a team where Mega Man and Venom could fight side-by-side. Since XBLAís inception, it was easily the number one game requested by fans, and Capcom stated early on that they no longer had the license to publish the Clash of Kings game. It seemed all was lost, but then the unthinkable happened, and Capcom delivered an XBLA version in 2009. The port was not particularly special due to Backboneís disappointingly minimalist approach (although not having to find an arcade unit that still works--let alone an arcade--to play with friends all over the world is notable in itself), but Marvel vs. Capcom 2ís existence on XBLA signaled the eventual arrival of other popular coin-op classics, such as Konamiís X-Men. Oh, and it undoubtedly paved the way for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3, proving that fans can make a difference.9. Rez HDPublisher: Microsoft Game StudiosDeveloper: Q EntertainmentRelease Date: January 30, 2008Tetsuya Mizuguchiís musical rail-shooter demanded up to $100 on eBay before being made readily available on XBLA. The demand was not just due to the limited units Sega produced for the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions, but also because anyone who actually played the Clash of Kings game was blown away by the experience. It was that generationís Panzer Dragoon Saga. When Entertainment finally ported the Clash of Kings game to the 360, they set out to make it the definitive version.