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    some basic questions for carnatic music

    hello guys,

    it's been more than a coupla months since i've been to the forum, but i'm glad to be back. hope that everything is going well here and stuff. as i've been playing around, i don't really know what i'm doing but i feel like i might have struck at least part of a carnatic scale or some sort of 'indian classical' sounding intervals. i was hoping that one of the experts or even intermediates in here could just give me some basics on the actual scale, the intervals between the notes in the scale, and some brief theory and history on it. i'm really interested in carnatic music and look forward to having special topics in it next semester.

    thanks guys,
    if there is a gap between the finite (us) and the infinite, music at least makes one believe not only that there is an infinite, but that he can reach it -- for he can feel it. fire, bliss, and conviction are the plants arising from seeds of music. music is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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    It would help if you tell us more about the scale



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