Every one knows that carnatic music is composed from seven notes

Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Da, Ni..

But do we know its differences and their proper names?? Here they are:

* s--- Shadjamam
* r1-- Sudhdha Rishabam
* r2-- Chatusruthi Rishabam
* r3-- Shatsruthi Rishabam
* g1-- Sudhdha Gaandhaaram
* g2-- Saadhaarana Gaandhaaram
* g3-- Anthara Gaandhaaram
* m1-- Sundhdha Madhyamam
* m2-- Prathi Madhyamam
* p--- Panchamam
* d1-- Sudhdha Dhaivatham
* d2-- Chatusruthi Dhaivatham
* d3-- Shatsruthi Dhaivatham
* n1-- Sudhdha Nishaadham
* n2-- Kaisiki Nishaadham
* n3-- Kaakali Nishaadham