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    Electric Guitar - Carnatic Tuning and the strings

    Can some guitar experts throw some clear light on the tuning aspects of Electric Guitar to Carnatic setting (From EADGBE to ADADAD or BEBEBE) .

    Please explain in a little detail and also the exact string to use in each position from thinnest strings to the thickest(or From Bottom to Top ).

    Thanks a lot in Advance.

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    Harsh Kumar's Avatar
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    I use xxBEBE all the time for all the classical stuff that i play.
    I also use DADDAD, DADADA. They are known as open tunings!!

    Make your guitar sound like a sitar!!

    In my openion the base E and A strings should be avoided.
    Make compositions and hold notes in the first string and second string only (personal preference)

    Better resonance!!
    Harsh Kumar
    Manipal University (MIT)

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    Angellica is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2010
    You can also try Celtic or D Modal tuning: Low to high: DADGAD



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