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    Thumbs up Carnatic Swaras Made Simple

    Many people dunno how to convert the carnatic into western. Its very simple..

    They're as follows (In C Scale)

    C - Sa
    C# - Ri1
    D - Ri2, Ga1
    D# - Ri2, Ga3
    E - Ga3
    F - Ma1
    F# - Ma2
    G - Pa
    G# - Da1
    A - Da2, Ni1
    A# - Da3, Ni2
    B - Ni3

    In other scales you may compare the above table and get the required swaras.
    Note that in carnatic, only Sa and Pa are constant, the other swaras differ in two or three forms differing by a halfnote or one full note, So, single western note may correspond to two swaras in carnatic (especially D, D#, A, A#)..

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    Good. thanks!
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