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    Question Carnatic Raaga's and Chords

    Could someone tell me what are the chord combination for certain raaga's.
    For example

    Hamsadwani s r2 g2 pa n2 s C D E G B C
    Suggested Chords: CMaj | Emin| Gmaj |Gsus

    Dharmavathi or Madhuvathi -- sa r2 g1 m2 pa d2 n2 s -- C D D# F# G A B C
    Suggested Chords: Cm,Cdim, Bmaj (inversions also) Bminor B aug D major Dsus D#dim D#Aug

    I don't need all the raaga's, common ones which used in film songs are fine, such as
    Mohanam, shiva ranjani,tODi,maayamaaLava gowLa,Maand etc

    Thanks a lot.
    Don't play what's there, play what's not there.
    ~ Miles Davis

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    here's something for your genius to ponder.

    you've got your ragas and the notes correct. why not think of constructing your own chords ? It's a pretty nice journey. you shouldn't just "mug" these things or learn them by rote. it also sets fire to the engines of your creation.



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