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    Ar.ST is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2012

    Smile touch screen laptop

    Can anyone suggest me a good touch screen laptop with following configuration -

    15 - 17" screen

    6-8 GB RAM

    500 GB HD

    9 -cell battery

    1-2 GB Graphic card

    good colour caibration for 3D rendering and printing

    IMP software use -Autocad and Revit Architecture

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    suha52 is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2014
    iPad of course! Its fast with ease. There's a lot of entertainment options. And I take notes with it at collage. Best touch screen portable ever.

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    Haifa582 is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2014
    These computers are called tablets. If you're looking for a very nice, high quality one, look for a Lenovo computer. These are expensive, however. If you're looking for a touch-screen for daily use, try HP or Toshiba..



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