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    Jun 2004
    tell me the username and password for the 2nd one! :@ pm me or do something before i kill myself

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    Oct 2005
    @simmo aka gnome, u forgot.. my ip never starts with 201 (i'm not from lation america) and this ip range is dedicated for latin american countries like "mexico, argentina, brazil" etc. mine used and still starts with 210 (hotwire) u forgot.. i suppose.. u forgot using netstat there :P.... anyway ur still starts with 81 (as u from england) and that too stupid "NTL" .. anyways.. enjoy.. and @ lavina.. for the 2nd level follow that flash link , one of the biggest hint i can give u.. :P..
    _________/\_________ .. see ya on the dark side of moon....

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    Dec 2005
    Im going to try that site.

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    Nov 2004
    kill all IT peoples in this world..


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