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    Apr 2005

    Req : MTNL Triband Review -

    Hi Guys,
    Does anyone here in IGT use a MTNL Triband Broadband Sevice . How is the service and typically what download speeds do you get . I was thinking of getting their Night Unlimited Plans .. Heard somewhere that you have to restart your router after Midnight to actually get the free unlimited downloads .. is this true? ... also has anyone managed to get it working on a Linux Distro .. I am using Debian Sarge (Kernel v2.4)

    Any help would be appreciated
    Om Sweet Om

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    i use it... speed is alright.. 256kbps (kilo bits) means it comes to abt 27-32 kBps (kilo bytes)... it's good enough for me. it's pretty consistent. dunno abt the other stuff u asked.

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    Shredder is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2005
    thanks for the info ... btw what plan are you using ...
    Om Sweet Om

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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi, India
    I use the Plan 199 thingy with 256 Kbps speed. Though I'm happy with the speed (mostly between 20 - 30 KBps), the bandwidth limit of 400 MB is too less. After cutting my usage, I still manage to exceed by at least 50 MB. Its really cheap though 199 is nothing compared to others (and nobody else with a decent plan wasn't supplying in my area ).
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    I'm planning to take the DSL NU plan this week. My friend has taken it and the speed is quite decent. As far as I know it is necessary to restart the ADSL modem for the unlimited usage to kick in. It says so on the MTNL site.
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