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    rickkkyrich Guest

    Question realtek line in not working

    Hey guys
    In my laptop when i try to record the guitar i select the line in input.. but the realtek thing says device type not supported.. do u have any idea bout this?

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    harmonizer's Avatar
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    which software r u using to record?
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    rickkkyrich Guest
    well it was when i dint had an interface... no issues now... btw i use cubase..

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    Haifa582 is offline Newbie
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    I have onboard Realtek HD Audio also. I also decided to update the driver and I also heard no sound afterwards. Your problem doesn't sound quite the same as mine, however what I did was I relaunched the Realtek HD Audio Manager because after I updated the drivers it was no longer running at startup. After I relaunched the manager I made sure the volume was up. This worked for me. Also for the front port audio, for me, to get it to work, I had to go into the Realtek Sound manager and check "Disable front panel jack detection" before my front audio would work. Good Luck!



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