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    plzzz some one help me out here!

    ok guyz n gals of igt ,, i have recently caught up with a stupid problem with my yahoo messenger almost the same as of vini's (if she put a curse on me..samjo she is done for ) !

    ok here is the problem ::

    every time i open my yahoo messenger and login, the messenger hangs up exactly after the 10th second after commecement! my brother is the same yahoo messenger but he doesnt have this problem as he is using default messenger style and he uses gaim as well!
    an error used to come giving some xtra terrestrial details and says to still want to continue the application with yes n no options!

    >>so is it because of the style of my messenger that it is hanging up?
    >>should i re instal the yahoo messenger or down load another version of yahoo messenger? mine is version 6! and also if i uninstal the current version will i loose all message/convorsation history?
    >> what do i do? :(

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    well i could suggest that u download the latest stable version.... and then install it... first try with different styles see what happens if not...just stick to normal style... having it is bette than not talkin at all!

    and the conversations... well they would be saved as seperate files.... locate the files... copy the ones u want and then let the others be deleted.....

    hope that helps

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    Hmm I too think U should get the latest yahoo messy 7 beta.. The problem is same here.. But 10 seconds are excusable...


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    7 beta???? a newer version is available dude...go download it.....remove all your cache....and dont care bout that stupid message...even i used to get it...i just say yes to taht and it lets me continue!!!

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    go and download hijack This from

    post the log here

    I strongly suspect that your computer might be infected from spywares.



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