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    Vegasprince is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2006
    y did u buy ps2 when ps3 is coming out next year

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    Iraqita_EP's Avatar
    Iraqita_EP is offline Composer
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    Jan 2006
    and wholl pay 579 dollars for it??unless ur a real gaming freak.....w9 fora yr or 2 so dat ps3 prices cm down.......till den.......PS2 All THE WAY

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    Vegasprince is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2006


    what about xbox or xbox 360
    360 only cost $300

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    red octane's Avatar
    red octane is offline The shredzophenic!
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Vegasprince
    what about xbox or xbox 360
    360 only cost $300

    Yeah it's about 19,990 here...and I remeber seeing an ad somewhere on the net,you get a 10% discount too..if you fill up some form...I think the ad was on The starting offer was 10% discount,free fifa t-shirts,X-box cap,FIFA world cup game free,all this with the core gaming system...for about 18k..

    But I think I'll stick with my ps2 for a while...then might buy a ps3 after about 3 or 2 years......It's better to wait cause there aren't too many modchips around,and the ones that are there dont run all games..and the first issues of any gaming console ALWAYS has bugs(search for xbox 360 on google...what you get is FAMILY DAMAGE :D hundreds of guys abusing ms) A lot of xboxs were defective and many of them were called back after release....the just wouldnt start up...


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