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    My computer software web page...

    I saw this page, and thought,"Hey, this is one place where some people *may* need the info in my blog!"
    Well, its all about softwares/games that I checked out. Some were reviewed in Digit, and I think they're great too, others were recommended to me, some were those I found, some were there on
    The greatest act of stupidity...I forgot to telll ya the link!!
    Have fun readin...
    Classical and jazz lover. Fingerstyle, touchstyle, and ERG enthusiast.
    Buying a guitar/amp/pedal/processor, and need help? READ THE GUIDE ->
    My Guitar Pro transcriptions (tabs) site for all kinds of music, all genres. -
    My music recordings -

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    i dun think it's legal to give ur personal site names in ur posts. Mods, plz do sumthin bout dis.... - Home for Gadget Reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by a moderator
    Sugata Banned!
    For trying to be smart, stealing our work and giving orders to us.

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    Oh! NO! I am BAnned!!!!! - Home for Gadget Reviews



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