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    Angry Mic's not workin !???

    I had a workin mike long time back n then the need for it was gone so i dint use it for a long time.. but now when i connect it i cant hear myself n friends over the net say they can hear the sys. sound(like the songs i play on winamp while callin online).. i downloaded AC97 driver n it says the card doesnt exist.. can sum please make my mic. work ???

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    ^^^ What card u're talkin bout!!?? Didn't understand it. But what U're saying is somthin else. You hav configured ur sound incorrectly. Do not use microphone for playing system sounds. Do the following instead....
    Double ur volume icon in taskbar> from Recording properties, select Stereo mix for playing system sounds (currently, Microphone is selected i guess).......

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    if you have a AC97 CHIP on your mother board, then you need drivers for that. i think you downloaded drivers for an AC97 SOUND CARD.
    your problem is elsewhere. its the recording volume control. open the recording volume mixer and see if the selected recording input is at "microphone" . probably it is in the loopback mix mode and so that is happeniing.



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