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Thread: Media Player 11

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockbabun
    Installing Media player 11 bypassing da validation:-

    first open the setup file usin Winzip or Winrar. u will have setup_wm.exe, umdf.exe,wmdbexport.exe,wmfdist11.exe,wmp11.exe and some other files.

    1. run wmp11.exe and restart PC
    2. run all other files xcept setup_wm
    3. restart PC and there u have it!!


    There are better ways to bypass the validation ....

    Just extract the files from .exe
    and then replace the file legitlib.dll with this one
    and then run the setup

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    the file is legitlibM.dll in the extracted media.exe thing

    should i rename it ?? ie the one u posted?

    i've replaced it with the legitlib.dll with same name does not work

    renaming doesnot work either

    at the other method it said that the prog wasnt installed properly coz some numbers are not matching....any other /better suggestions?

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    works now


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    There is a crack for it -> GenuineCrack.reg. It is a registry file which when run makes changes to the system registry to make the Windows copy appear genuine. After running this Registry file you can download any s/w from Microsoft that requires genuine check. (IE7, WindowsMediaPlayer11 etc.)

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    hey sorry to rain on ur parade but do urself a favour n read this before u give up all ur rights thanks to DRM
    MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools Teenagers


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