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Thread: MAC thread.

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    jayswami's Avatar
    jayswami is offline Blue J
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    Nov 2004
    G4 dual proc (867 mhz) power mac
    1 GB Ram
    DVD super drive
    80 GB internal harddisk i have 4 external firewire glyph 80 gb hard disks on which i record my music
    OS : OS X jaguar (10.2.x) - i am upgrading to panther soon.
    I boiught only music software on my mac.. no other entertaintment or cool graphics mac softwares owned.

    Music Software + hardware:

    Hardware: Digidesign digi 001,002 and Mbox. Yea i own all 3, been too lazy to dispose my 001 which is now obsolete.. i use it as a glorified sound card.
    I got alesis Active reference near field monitors connected to my mac thru the digi001. I use the 002 for recording.

    Protoools 6.1 LE
    Propellerheads Reason 2.5
    Abelton Live 3
    stephen kay's karma MW software to program my triton karma's GEs.

    I own a bunch of plug ins and soft synths as well. list keeps growing.

    Its been 4 years since i bought my mac. hasnt crashed even once havent had the urge to upgrade the OS till now. But i heard that panther ichat is compatible with yahoo, and suports audio hence am tempted musically i have no need.

    the mac is like a car, u dont upgrade your car's engine every day do u? but with windoze PC thats what u gotta do... upgrade this.. upgrade that etc etc.


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    abhay_saxena's Avatar
    abhay_saxena is offline Lord of the strings
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    Feb 2004
    my linux box has'nt crashed either jay .. . but dunno much about MAC . .
    Now I lay me down to sleep ,
    Pray the lord my soul to keep,
    If i die before i wake ,
    Pray the lord my soul to take

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    Dec 2004
    My windows has crashed several times...but that's due to my virus testings...hehe
    On it's own has not ...lucky me.
    #ifndef __NONSENSE__
    #define __NONSENSE__

    #include <religiousviolence.h>
    #include <dirtypolitics.h>
    #include <popularculture.h>

    BOOL lesson_learnt = FALSE;

    void History()
    if(Checkstabiity(fanaticism) && CheckCorruption(BoomingEconomy) && CheckPublicDesire(SocialProblems))
    lesson_learnt = TRUE;

    History(); //repeat History


    Link error ...commonsense32.lib missing...
    ld returned status 1..


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