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    Mac OS X users or software experts please help...

    Hi everyone...

    I need a way to run Mac OS .app files in Windows. I tried renaming it to .exe but that obviously is not the way to go. I urgently need help since I spent around 40 to 50 hours downloading a 1.5 GB file and now I can't run it!!!! Please help me.

    Thanks a lot...

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    Dec 2005
    It cannot run.
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    its a MAC executable application file.. how can u run it on windows?

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    you cannot run mac OS x application/files on a windows machine .. unless it has the universal extensions such as .jpeg .gif .mov .avi etc. (mostly portable media files) ... the reason is that mac OS has a completely different architecture to windows ... (i might not be spot on but thats the general difference anyway)
    there are no deamon tools/ virtual envoirment tools that can emulate mac OS on windows either .. however! if you have a P4 machine with SS3 support, you can run mac OSx on your windows machine .. look for a patched torrent .. i havent tried this myself but i know for certain that there IS a mac port for PC



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