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Thread: Linux Ubuntu

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    linux + crossover = windows over linux pretty darn good ...and any lunix distro will do ..about ubuntu ..wait for the 7.04 version comes with CNR (click n run ) service ..people who are familiar with linspire wud have heard of CNR ..its probably the easiest way to install apps in linux even beats windows in simplicity ..

    if u cant wait ..get freespire (free version of linspire) ..the CNR service is now free ..and freespire looks and feels good ..

    and for games ..i use transgaming's Cedega ..emulates DirectX in linux ...can play most of the good games for windows in linux
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1

    Actually Win XP home is better.
    It has some multimedia enhancements.
    hehe no wonder XP will be stopped in 2008 .... as far as micro$oft is concerned, satisfied customers are bad for business
    MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools Teenagers

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    I use Ubuntu, going to get the 7.04 version soon. Its good.


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