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    madhura is offline pani poori yum yum ....
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    Oct 2004

    isn't this amazing .....


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    Not at all...
    Patent is just based on an 'inspiration' ... and no real experiments!

    So until it happens and its approved health safe... there is nothing amazing about this fact!

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    madhura is offline pani poori yum yum ....
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    Oct 2004
    well, that part is true... agree .....but .....
    what amazed me is the concept ....
    well few of my class mates were involved in a project parallel ( well not exactly , ) to this one. ( PM if you are interested to know more @ it.... dont want to put the link on public forum, without their permission).

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    it certainly is amazing... though no experiments have been done but then patenting itself is a big step in that direction which is not granted adhoc...

    and if it happens it will be a fantastic thing not only for the games but for so many people who are physically impaired...

    And even if it is not entirely successful then the offshoots of the efforts might help in some way... like the light weight material developed by ISRO for its satellite launch vehicles is used in the jaipur foots etc...
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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs up

    It IS amazing. for somebody to have though of such a concept IS amazing. If there are no health hazards, just think about the use (not just games) of such a tech in aiding blind/imapaied ppl who read off a comp/LCD screen as more and more info get displayed and passed around on screens



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