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Thread: Graphic Cards

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    Graphic Cards

    i hate how they are so many different kinds..(well not too many!).... but it is annoying how u buy a game and then it doesnt work because the graphics card is differnt.... cant they have the same graphics cards in all computers!

    well which graphics card have u got? and have u had any iccidents where ur card has annoyed u?

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    All the good games run somehow on the lowest level grafix cards possible..they are very well Cry:minimum required 64MB gfx card.. it still ran on my integrated 32mb Geforce2 mx...HL2 gfx card and adjusts..however games like Splinter Cell etc simply refuse to start if they dont detect a 64 MB card.....:(
    As far as various kinds of gfx cards goes ..yes it is confusing...with the 'SE' 'LE'
    "XT''GT''Ultra"...and wat not.....also most cards in India have 64 bit memory buses..and they do not mention this on the package anywhere.....

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    haha.. i got ati all in wonder, so i dont need any till few more years
    الذئب الليلي

    أكثر مِنْ ألف رسول لا يَستطيعونَ أَنْ يَدُوروا طريقةَ التفكير في بلاد العرب، ماذا يمكن أَنْ نحن بشر يَعمَلُ؟

    يَتغيّبُ عن وطنِي حقاً، على الأقل نحن ناسَ عاقلينَ

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    Feb 2005
    i got that ATI on my new computer (all mine!)...... and at the mo all the games work



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