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    lord_neo Guest

    Lightbulb Google Secure WiFi Client, is it ?

    Located at, GSA connects you to a Google-run Virtual Private Network. Your internet traffic becomes encrypted when you send it out, decrypted by Google, the requested data downloaded by Google, encrypted and sent to you, and decrypted on your machine. This has the effect of protecting your traffic data from others who may want to access it. GSA’s FAQ describes it as a Google engineer’s 20% project.

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    Jai Google...

    thanks.. for the info...

    Google Pulls the Other Leg with Secure Access
    الذئب الليلي

    أكثر مِنْ ألف رسول لا يَستطيعونَ أَنْ يَدُوروا طريقةَ التفكير في بلاد العرب، ماذا يمكن أَنْ نحن بشر يَعمَلُ؟

    يَتغيّبُ عن وطنِي حقاً، على الأقل نحن ناسَ عاقلينَ



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