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    Finally Completed - MediaCenter

    So I've been working on converting my computer into a all-in-one media center. The progress was slow due to the it took some time but its done.

    Processor: AMD XP2500 overclocked to run at 3200+ speeds
    Motherboard: Shuttle AN35N Ultra 333Mhz FSB, overclocked to 408Mhz
    Chipset: nVidia nForce2, with nVidia audio

    Video Card: ATI Radeon 9600 All-in-wonder
    Its got in-built TV tuner, and a remote that controls TV/DVD/Music/Video/Web and is programmable for other functions

    Monitor: 17" Envision, kinda small but all I can afford. CRT - always better quality, for video

    Mouse: Logitech MediaPlay; really good mouse with extra buttons for media.

    Now I can play DVDs, VCDs, Video Files, Audio, CDs and watch TV and browse the web using my remote.

    So, so you think you can tell......

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    somwhere in engineering books
    alright me how it works! be online sometime
    There r some things God made for everything else there's an Engineer!! - By Me

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    i see i didnt understand anyting

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    How much did you pay for all these??
    Wat do you mean by u can browse the net using REMOTE??




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