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    Dec 2003
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    SpySweeper - IMPORTANT. You get this and it will kick the crap out of 99% of spyware out there. You need to subscribe in order to get the latest updates but it still is an excellent program and highly recommended even if you use slightly older files and not register. Besides you get the first month for free
    Ad-Aware - popular and good. helps get rid of a lot of data miners and cookies. Recommended Download.
    Spybot - much like ad-aware and just as popular. Recommended Download.
    Stinger - IMPORTANT! this is a stand alone scanner that locates worms. The database is small but nevertheless gets rid of the most problematic worms that can hit your windows desktop. is also free.
    AVG - IMPORTANT! use this instead of Norton Anti Virus. This is free and every bit as good.
    Spyware Blaster - never really used it much but i heard its good.
    Spyware Bazooka - never really used it much but i heard its good.
    Microsoft Anti Spyware - Microsoft entering another market. They have a few security gurus in their ranks so this product should be good but its pretty new from what i know. Recommended Download
    Hi Jack This! - IMPORTANT! This outputs the registry details which you can then post on a spyware forum and they'll let you know whats wrong
    CWShredder - Helps get rid of that nuisance Cool Web Search bar. Recommended Download.
    Cookie Monster - No don't worry you don't have to lock that cookie jar the Cookie Monster is actually a program that manages those cookies that get downloaded. Recommended Download.

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    where can i get this "stinger" from ???
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    @nebu .. : even i am behind insti firewalls but i've never got any spy attacks come through . though i also have AVG installed which keeps track of all that .
    morever mostly i am on linux which is FREE OF ALL THIS !
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    use google

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    I use eTrust Pest Patrol. I think its the best you can get. Or maybe thats because of the fact that I work for the company which owns this product

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    i use spyware and all the Norton stuff.... i have a way that u can find out if u have spyware on ur computer....

    well with spy ware u get pop ups and to see if u have spyware get a yahoo or google toolbar... and if u still get popups after u have the toolbar it means u have spyware and it should b got rid off


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