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    audacity to suppress voice

    Has anyone tried to suppress voice in a song using audacity or someother software so that only music and drums remains in the song, singer voice is gone

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    It doesnt work for black metal vox so i dont use it.

    Itd probably work with dream theater
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    Try extraboy:

    Havnt tried it myslf but...heard it works! --- and if it does (or anything of this sort works) ..creating backing tracks will be fun!!
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    these things dont usually work, because they remove the so called centre channel of the track which is supposed to contain the lead vocals. most of the recordings nowadays are in stereo or joint stereo which means that the vocal removal wont be much effective, and there will be some residual vocals left always. also vocal removal ruins the sound of the other instruments, so you would have a very Dull backing track.

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    I tried removing vocals using Adobe Audition. Didin't work completely coz all the delayed/echo (or whatever it is) bit is left. But it's good enough IMO.



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