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    Talking Apple iPod phone details have been leaked

    Secret plans for the launch of an iPod phone have been leaked in advance of the official Apple launch, it is believed by an industry analyst. Apple is expected to announce a partnership with Motorola, the handset company, and Cingular Wireless, the mobile service provider, to market a mobile telephone that doubles as a digital music player.

    Speculation over the anticipated release began when Apple issued invitations for a press conference. The invitations hinted that Apple was about to launch a product that would cause as much of an impact as the iPod.

    The famously secretive Apple usually never discloses details about unreleased products, but did, on this occasion, let slip that the featured gadget was "music related". However, plans for an iPod phone had already been widely discussed, with Motorola named as Apple’s partner. It had been speculated that the missing piece in the jigsaw was a mobile provider willing to jump on board.

    "You are marrying the most successful music player with a cell phone," Roger Entner, a vice president of Ovum, the telecoms analysts, said.

    According to Mr. Entner, Apple has now joined with Motorola and Cingular to offer its online iTunes service, from which users buy and download music.

    "Now, you have a choice between talking to your spouse on the phone or listening to music," he said.

    According to Mr. Entner, the first iPod phone will be available in two models, with either 512MB or 1GB of storage. The larger model can hold up to 240 songs. The handsets will reportedly be the first in a series called "Rokr". Several other music-playing phones are already available on the market. Earlier this month Sony released its first Walkman phone, an attempt to revive the iconic brand that dominated the 1980s in the same way as the iPod has become the must-have gadget of the 2000s.

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    "Now, you have a choice between talking to your spouse on the phone or listening to music," he said.
    ^^thiz one is funny....
    Nice piece of info..thnx..

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    i think id go with music
    R.I.P. Curt Kobain



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