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    ^ heh .. clever! and i think you do go about china very often dont you? how much do you suppose you can land one of these for? in british money if you can please ...

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    M8 Basic: 4GB 1,499 RMB(100.561 GBP), 8GB 2,199 RMB(147.533 GBP)

    M8 Standard: 4GB 2,380 RMB(159.693 GBP), 8GB 3,080 RMB (206.713 GBP)

    i will go for a m8 basic 4gb first then if am happy move to a standard 4gb or 8gb .....still i need to consider my other expenses like going to the 2008 olympics in beijing ....

    yep am in shanghai right coz of a diplomatic exchange stuff....


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