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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    ^^ Er...isnt that THE ultimate attitude that can destroy music?
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    Quote Originally Posted by merqury07
    LOL@salman challenging zaki.

    salman's really asking for it; he doesnt know who he's messing with. zaki can blow away salman anyday. if salman's the axe, then zaki's the whole dam buzzsaw.
    welllllll u can say tht ........we dnt knw whose betta.......both are good at their place....slman in his place rocks nd zaki at his place................
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    yup....that;s the thing i dont think you cant compare them....they are good at what the paly
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    abu dhabi
    well said waleed
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    well a BIG lolzz to u as well......cuz........salman`s already in the game ..y dont u say ur so called buzzsaw come show some guts....except for passin on wrong statements to legends like salman ...lolzzz.on u bro en ur usless pathetic buzzsaw...lolzzzz..ahaha cmon dude refuel it ...ahah lolzzz.....

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    i respect salman .. but aamir is totally different class .. i dont think its a fair comparison .. i compare zaki with holdsworth etc ... not any salman etc ..
    anyway ... 4 new aamir tracks out .. if anyone needs em .. pm me ..

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    well after reading all the posts... i will give my opinion too and i believe that amir zaki is the best guitarist.... i mean his work is UNCOMPARABLE! i completey luv his work and i think salman is GREAT too but there r a few ppl who can NOT be compared and i think amir and salman r among those ppl.... well... thats wat i believe
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    Well I dunno much about Aamir Zaki. Havent heard much of his work so cant comment. Does anyone have like a collection of his work, which they can share? I really want to listen to him, especially his jazz work. If someone has all his songs, plz post up here. I need his stuff. THanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grimreeper_007
    ............................Aamir Zaki is probably the only player in Pakistan so far, who's ordered a Customized 6 String Bass Guitar and it's a real deal.. Hmm..! and this is porbably the first 6 string Bass guitar, a Pakistani musician owns..

    Comment: Nah buddy, I have seen at least 4 different 6 string basses other than Zaki's in live concerts in Lahore only, let alone all country. Only 6 string bass, I dont think so!

    Most of you might have seen this 6 string Bass is his recent videos.
    Let me tell you that he's amazing with this 6 string bass guitar and it is quite evident in his recent tracks.
    Heard 'Pepi's thought process'..??? :-) Check out this track if you're able to find it.. It's a Jazzy Bass Improvisation.. The music genre is probably D&B (Drums and Bass).

    Now besides the bass playing, Zak has the ability to make just one intrument sounding as if there are a couple of players, playing Bass, Rhythm and Lead guitars all together, at the same time.. Check out his track 'Every person is a story' from his debut album called 'Signature'.
    All three parts are played by him at the same time by using the right hand fingers and thumb.. and I bet, you'd have not heard the best use of fingers on acoustic guitar by any local guitarist before this.. :-)

    3. Playing Guitars with Fingers and Thumb instead of only using a Plastic Pick:

    So almost all the local guitarist (except a few players and basists), use these plastic picks to play guitars while Zak knows the perfect use of both, left hand over the neck and his right hand fingers and thumb to strike the guitar strings.
    It's hard to control your fingers on strings cuz firstly the strings doesn't have much space between these and secondly it's really difficult to develope the power in your last two fingers, specially the little finger to strike the strings with accurate timing and force..

    Dude! We dont use pinky in finger picking!

    Well ! Only a true musician or guitar player could feel the pleasure and satisfaction in playing guitars with fingers and it surely adds much more 'Feel' to your playing cuz you have the authority to use multiple picks(four fingers and a thumb) at the same time to play lead, rhythm or bass.

    4. Playing music in various Music Styles & Genres:

    Is there a guitar player in Pakistan, who could claim to play or to compose his music in Various music styles..??? Not just two or three..

    I believe there are more than just 2 or three. Faraz Anwar. Mekaal, Asad etc just to name a few.

    Now in short, the styles of music, I've heard from Zaki are Rock, Pop, Hard Rock, Spanish, Classical, D&B, R&B, Jazz and Blues(which is the speciality of Zak), World music, Experimental Stuff, Fusions of two or more styles and then even Trance and there are many other genres and their sub-genres..
    Nobody plays music in so many styles of music here and this surely is an ability of Zak only.

    5. Jazz Musician:

    This is hopefully gonna be my last point for now and I'm gonna keep it short.
    Aamir Zaki is certainly the pioneer of Jazz Music and the only Jazz musician in Pakistan so far. It's useless to mention that he's been playing many International Jazz Festivals abroad cuz you all know it already..
    The only thing that I'd like to mention here is that Jazz is one of the most difficult styles of music and not much people dare to play Jazz music.
    Firstly it's difficult to play and secondly it's a complete non-commercial style in most of the countries so far.

    6. Guitar Engineer:

    Ok. So this is something, which is truely unique about Aamir Zaki and I'm sure there's no other Pakistani guitarist or musician who has ever done it yet.
    Well ! Besides being a great guitar player, Aamir Zaki builds his own customized guitars at his place. He collects the parts of the guitar from different countries and then build these customized guitars, which are amazing as far as the look and tone is concerned.

    Once again, it sounds very easy but it's a real tough job cuz a guitar has a lot of calculations involved in it. The distance between the frets, alignment of strings from bridge to the tuning pegs, intonation and action. There are a lot of things involved in it and an extremely good guitar could sound worst if it's not made perfectly with accuracy in everything.
    There may be some who could handle the minor repairs, high action problem and intonation of their guitars but Zak makes the guitar body from the raw piece of wood and this is something, which is certainly unique about the greatest Pakistani guitarist Aamir Zaki.

    This shows his knowledge about his instrument, the passion to play good music with the help of a perfect instrument and the love for the right instrument cuz his criteria is to achieve the perfection as far as the guitar tone and handling is concerned.

    He has selected the toughest way to travel and the only fear I have is that the day is not too far when either we'd be missing him like Adnan Sami or we'd start praising him like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, after knowing the fact that some foriegn musicians have requested him to play with them...

    I finish it here with a hope that it wasn't too boring and it has added a little more to everyone's knowldege about the guitar legend Aamir Zaki. :-)

    Buddy, I have to speak my heart. I am still waiting for that guy to make an impression on me. All hez got is bass all over his tracks. And whatever drummer hez playing with, he needs to go & die in a puddle of shit. Kills all of Zaki's music, same monotonous rhythm from start to end.

    And abt his fingerpicking, dude I accept hez good with fingerpicking, but with picking, hez not that proficient. Trust me.

    And different genres, look at Faraz Anwar. He has played in Metal, Shred, Rock, Hard Rock, Classical Rock, Neo Classical, Neo Metal, Pop, Blues, and R & B. He plays drums, keyboards, guitars, and vocals. Bass too, but not good enough to mention.

    And abt Jazz, I think Mekaal is a far better Jazz player than Zaki. Hez quite versatile too than Zaki, whoz all abt Jazz. Mekaal has Rock, Hard Rock, Folk, Classical, Jazz, Metal, Blues etc all under his belt.

    Overall, i think he iz over rated. He is kinda static for about a decade. Nothing impressive since Mera Pyar. I really think all Paki guitarists should quit singing.
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    NO Zaki is a very standard player. He is good for Pakistani standards but not international. And sorry but Zaki has never played jazz. He isnt good enough.


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