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    May 2005

    Santana - All that I am

    Hi All,

    Got to lissen to Santana's new album "All That I Am". It is one good release (not released yet).

    However, if you're able to, then try getting your hands on this track called "TRINITY" featuring Kirk Hammet (for the uninitiated, Kirk's the Lead Guitarist of Metallica).

    Very very astonishingly, the track is a COMPLETE RIP OFF of the song TERE BIN NAHI LAGDA JEEYA MERA DHOLNA by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

    Do lissen to it and post comments!

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    Aug 2005
    trinity ... with hammet sounds good

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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    yup .. a complete rip off .. i agree ... i think they should have mentioned nusrat .. ATLEAST!

    @jekyll: dont go with the names .. you will be dissapointed when you'll have a listen ..

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    Jan 2005
    maria maria rocks
    No one knows what it's likeTo be the bad manTo be the sad manBehind blue eyesAnd no one knowsWhat it's like to be hatedTo be fated to telling only lies

    But my dreams they aren't as emptyAs my conscience seems to beI have hours, only lonelyMy love is vengeanceThat's never free

    No one knows what its likeTo feel these feelingsLike i do, and i blame you!No one bites back as hardOn their angerNone of my pain and woeCan show through

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    Sep 2005
    Abu Dhabi, UAE (Originally from Lahore)
    @ srk buddy.....he mentioned nusrat's name in the credits...
    read this :

    Written by Carlos Santana, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook / Published by Stellabella Music (BMI), EMI Virgin Songs, Inc. o/b/o EMI Virgin Music Ltd. & Womad Music Ltd. (BMI),
    Universal-PolyGram Int. Publ., Inc. (ASCAP), Michael Brian Brook publishing administered outside the U.S by Universal/Momentum Music Ltd. (PRS)

    so u cant say tht he stole the nusrat fateh ali khan riff.... ...u can even check it out for urself at in the sights and sounds section..

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    shak's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    aah finally ... well the last time i checked .. there was no mention of NFAK ... this issue was goin hot one many of pakistani websites .. and petitions were being signed .. i guess santana realized that he wont go far with this .. good for him
    and thanks a lot haris



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