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    Resurrection - A Compilation Of Indian Extreme Metal

    My first ever review. Truth be told, I'd done this one a long time ago and it's posted on the Gigpad forums. Duno why I never thought of posting this here.
    The review is a song style review...

    The Lead-Up to the purchase:
    The Demonstelaer's posts here had gotten me interested. However, on the eve of the album release, my exams were going on. So, I had to wait till mid March to finally buy this album.

    The Tracks as I popped in the CD:

    1) Demonic Resurrection - Frozen Portrait
    Cant say much of this track, can I? I really like this new sound of Demonic Metal as DR have put it across. A must hear for all metal lovers. Most impressive part of the song for me is the outro. J.P's double-bass work is damn sweet. Nice vocals. All in all, one good song.

    2) Acrid Semblance - Burning The Ashes
    Powerfull riffs set the tone for this song. I like the piano work too. Somehow the effect-tone vocals didn't get in that me. I liked the interlude in the middle. The only thing which bugged me was that the skins sound too low. Nice keyboards by Anubhav.

    3) Exhumation - Among The Dead
    Really amazing intro into the song. It sets the mood for something damn heavy, which Exhumation easily delivers. Nice Bentonesque vocals by Aditya. Clearly Exhumation are in a league of their own with this brutal death metal track. I liked Yash's drum work. Damn good riffs.

    4) IIIrd Sovereign - Face Of Despair
    Truth be told, I didn't quite like this one a lot. It's probably cuz it follows one helluva track. But it holds it's one fort in this compilation.The main piece is quite ear-catching. Nice vox. I liked the ending parts a lot. Maybe this song "grew" on me.

    5) Kryptos - Forgotten Land Of Ice
    Damn neat work. The mysterious intro and the nice rhythm of the entre track make it a good hear. A tripper of a song. I liked the leads. The song's got a "can't get it outta my mind" feel to it. That's saying something. Surely one of the best ones featured on this compilation.

    6) MyndSnare - Layers Of Hypocrisy
    Man, when Yasmin was put across as a drum-machine, the info was not lying. The drumming in this track totally rocks. I really liked Yasmin's work man. Damn nice work by KP and Narayan. The track on the whole is a freakin' headbanger's ball. Good variations, a powerful lead interlude and whole lots of in-ur-face metal. Just the way I like it.

    7) Shrapnel - Futile
    A mellow intro. Nice symphonies. Though not as heavy as the other bands featured on this CD, Shrapnel takes it's own place. Good clean riffs, a damn nice use of symphony. Melodic heavy metal surely works for me man. It seriously takes you to a different place and time altogether. The harmonics in the middle are sweet. This again becomes a must listen. Impressive leads by Deepak.

    8) Reptilian Death - Reptilian Death
    Remember I said that he MyndSnare track was a headbanger's ball? Then this is a headbanger's heaven (or Hell). I still don't get what "Humor Metal" is, but this track surely makes me happy to just mosh/headbang to.

    9) Narsil - Death Comprehendz
    For being just a studio project, all I have to say is that Narsil seriously needs to go live as soon as they can. The track is damn inmpressive. Anubhav's a good find. He's got amazing vocal talent. No comments on K****ij. This guy delivers yet again. A nice track. Works well for me.

    10) Black Hole Theory - God Fears Me
    The one thing which really got honours from me were Snehdeep's vocals. Powerful, speedy riffs charecterize the entire track. It kinda stretches out and gets a bit predictable, but overall, it's a job well done.

    11) Demonstealer - Blood Vengeance
    Yeah... This track rules man. As I said before, I like my metal to be melodic and heavy. This track surely delivers. The Demonstaler kicks ass on this one. I really enjoyed this one a lot. A good and a must listen.

    12) Grey - Severed Dreams
    You a fan of supreme growling? Grey's the band for you. Sugath does some amazing, mind-blowing vox on this one. The music is indeed damn loud and sweet. I liked it. Play this track, it's bound to get some people spooked. The metalheads wil however, find this one addictive.

    13) Exhumation - The Awakening
    To do an instrumental "Brutal Death Metal" track is surely no pece of cake. Exhumation shows as to why it's regarded as such a good band yet again. "The Awakening" is indeed a good listen. Amazing work by the band. Short but sweet.

    14) MyndSnare - Temporal Movements (LIVE)
    Again, MyndSnare keeps me glued to my headphones. The vox are impressive and. Not to mention the guitars and the underlying bass tones have all been done damn well. My only complaint = I have yet not seen 'em live.

    15) Kryptos - Altered Destinies (LIVE)
    Overall, I'd say this track should have had a studio recording. It's again a supremely good track. Kryptos shows us why they've survived 6 years in the metal scene. The riffs yet again have the unforgettable feeling to it. It'll keep hounding your mind till you can hear it again.

    16) Demonic Resurrection - A Darkness Descends
    Somehow, I get the "Frozen Portrait" feeling from the intro. Mebbe it's just me. The scale changes are good. I'd say this track is good. I liked the mid-song instrumental & music arrangements.

    Overall, I liked this album. Better work than the "Deep Throat" attempt. Can't wait to attend the next Resurrection, whenever that happens!
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    Awesome review Asmo. Can't believe I didnt see this earlier. Good job.
    Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position
    Such a heavy burden now to be the one
    Born to bear and read you all the details of our ending
    To write it down for all the world to see
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    well done asmo.
    Rock'n'Roll isn't just a fashion statement, its a way of life...

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    Awesome stuff, but isnt there any chaos theory or something?

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    Nah... this compilation features 12 bands... and they all rule ass man...
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong



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