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    Dec 2004
    now thats a review...simply amazing!!
    please do post the snaps .
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    "Progressive.... yeah, that's it..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dennis
    now thats a review...simply amazing!!
    please do post the snaps .

    thanks !!

    as for the pics.... i am praying that i can.

    long ass story man........ and sad too!!

    basically, the "ic" (of the mobile phone) that handles pics is damaged.

    motorola has even offered to replace my set. but i asked them to retrieve the pics by hook or croook and then think of replacements. they said that the pics are not transferring to a comp. so i asked them to sms/mms the pics from my phone to another one, one by one, and then retrieve the pics from that phone!! (bill on them ofcourse )

    they asked time till this weekend... lets hope it works out. besides the concert pics, i also have 200+ pics in goa and another 50-60 odd of other places in M.P. - sanchi, mandu and orcha. i dont want to lose those either.

    so, say a little prayer for me!!
    "Take my hand, my child of love
    Come step inside my tears
    Swim the magic ocean,
    I've been crying all these years"

    "I liked the world where i used to live
    I never really wanted to live"

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    dr.vivek is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2011
    when did this concert happen?


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