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    मा की जय
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

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    yeah, Ride the lightining is way better
    "Mister Fripp, your music is quite different than everything else out there. In one word, how would you describe it?"
    "Progressive.... yeah, that's it..."

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    The dave - metallica story...
    Oft retold .. mostly incorrectly ( witha very strong proclivity to metallica) .. the above article ( the first one) is pretty accurate!!
    Lets add some trivia
    i think all of Dave's animosity is directed towards lars.... apparently jaymz and dave were ' beer drinking buddies' and cliff was just this quiet guy..
    as we all know lars didnt get along very well with james or dave... (or napster!!.. that son of a ..!).
    Dave's resentment of Lars is quite apparent in many songs.. He's said and i quote "You didnt make heavy metal .. metal made you". Also I feel the song "go to hell" was directed at lars.

    I've seen an interview of Dave on CNN.. Mustaine says he feels the top 3 rhythm players are him, angus from AC/DC and james. But that doesnt change the fact that he's an ego- maniacal 2 yr old in his mind ( sorry MD fans).. I mean he had a lawsuit with david ellefson over payment issues. he's had 5 lead guitarists is it? and he's got property rights over "Megadeth". LOL. Has anyone seen woodstock 99 when he gets pissed over some guy shining a laser at him. Classic Dave. And whats this new christian thing about him.

    All this aside i think hes a kickass player... i still cant figure out how he sings and plays them riffs.. very very talented. Apparently he was supposed to come to India with the Gigantour members . Maybe we all arent his religion??
    But if he plays India.. ill be the first guy lining up to buy tickets.!!

    P.S. Has anyone seen this Drover guy perform? Is he any good?
    "If you arent a Schizo....doesnt mean they arent out to get you..."


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