wokay - thats a lotta stuff ... actually my net access from home =0...
my dad caught me watchin **** - actually just playin "Flash Strip Poker"
so thats that
ok -
@vini no thts not psych rock...its punk
@everybody else - glad u even posted here - plzz look forward to the whole song in a munth or so - owin to the bans put on my comp access by my friggen parents...
"why me" - @krish... - is just this expression of like "why me"
for eg - the song i wrote sez - "were standin in a group starin at gurls and im the one who gets thumped..." sumthin on the lines of my bad fortune....see?
so thanks all - if that line didnt suit me b4 - it duz now....of all the *** starved masturbation maniacs in the werld - why me???