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    Nov 2004
    Thanks for all your views on this thread.
    I wont be replying to any message on this thread from today, but ill be coming up with a new thread soon. Its on the similar lines, I guess people from this thread will not post their views on that one. Thanks anyways.
    Rock n roll is forever!!

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Roadie2Rockstar
    Ok so i guess you people think its my fault to post such a thread!!
    I thought there are lines like everyone is entitled to their own views in this thread.
    I guess that does not include my views.
    Everyone is a gem out hear, and they think im all crap.
    Well your thoughts and views will not change my faith.
    BTW did not intend to fight with anyone.
    If people have stated facts so have I.

    I have had a nightmare of what indian rock is gonna be 5 years from now.
    IF bands like Brahma, Parikrama, Agni hang thier jackets and decide to live the rest of thier lives off the stage. All the new bands will be at war fighting at thier place.
    One band will have their gang throw bottles at the other during rival gigs.

    Nothing can happen of this county.

    What do you mean by 'living offstage'. They might not be dominating in the future, but the whole pie is gonna get larger. Bands like PDV and so on arent gonna take away the brahma fans. The bands might be fighting for their place but its good that there is competition.

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    Jun 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Roadie2Rockstar
    And demon, you don't know the defination of logic so forget being my teacher.

    I thought bands get paid to play a gig and not pay organizers to play a gig.
    Even here in india new bands send their demo recordings to get a slot in I rock competition.
    I have not heard of anyone paying Mr Wadia to get a slot. I suggest you think before you type.

    All siad and done you hate brahma is fine. Its not that anyone is gonna crucify you for that.
    But so do many brahma fans hate you by now and thats a fact. So chill out.

    just because you havent heard of ppl paying organisers to get slots doesnt mean it doesnt happen. Today it costs alot of money to host a show. I'll honestly say if I went to Brahma and said here is 10 lakhs I want to open for Satriani in all the 3 cities they would have let me even because they had no cash sponsor ofcourse had they a big money sponsor I would ahve been told to go shove it. But fact of life is event guys want to make money and tomorrow if a band is willing to pay a hefty sum to perform no orgnaiser who can use the money will turn it down. Infact a friend of mine from abroad said his buddy in Austrailia paid 5000 US dollars to have his band play at Wacken. So it happens.

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    @Roadie....chill r taking it too personally.
    I choose misery.

    Ibanez S470DX, Ibanez JEM 555, Digitech GNX1 :)

    When a poisoneous snake bites you; Do you try to chase him or do you try to remove the poison?

    Barkhat ali is better than Thai Twank! :p

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    Man,... hw much r u gonna khichofy this thread,..... sumone go n ***** chk out ma threads n post comments on my songs man!!!! Am new,..... to singing,..... n not getting any reviews,..... n very bored of going thru this thread again n again n reading things that r repeating,.. duh!!!!!
    !!~~ एक्की रोक कारता है ~~!!

    .........\....\................ /..../
    .........../... |....|.... (¯ `\
    ..........\......` ¯..¯ ´......•
    ...........\_ ............ _.•´

    !!~~ भारत माता की जय ~~!!


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