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    what are popular american songs in india

    what are the popular american songs in india? it seems like most of the songs I know or do are not known by anybody on this forum. it seems like the audio catalog is kind of limited.

    so, which songs or artists do you guys know? (and subsequently like to hear). i'll try to put up some sort of cover soon.

    if there is a gap between the finite (us) and the infinite, music at least makes one believe not only that there is an infinite, but that he can reach it -- for he can feel it. fire, bliss, and conviction are the plants arising from seeds of music. music is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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    Currently, Mountain is my favorite band (classic rock/metal) - 70s.

    "Never in my Life" their song.
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    I am a METALLICA fan!

    My fav is Nothing Else Matters..


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    3,038! we have people over here who listen to almost all genres..but cant say if they listen to almost all covers posted here

    anyways i cant name all the artists..but i like to listen to anything from Hair metal to hard/soft/classic rock and from power ballds to old and some nu hindi songs n ghazal and from a little heavy/classic metal and no death metal at all
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    hobs crk
    My favourite band at this moment is Earth, Wind and Fire. I'd appreciate it if you could cover "Fantasy" and subsequently give me chords for the song.
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