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    Mar 2005

    So Beautiful (Pete Murray)

    Hey guys

    Yet another cover. i have time to kill at the moment. this song is stunning - if you haven't heard the original - i definitely recommend it!

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    Dec 2006
    The Netherlands

    Thumbs up

    No i never heard the original, although your cover sounds real good, very well sung, nice and sweet voice as the guitaring is good too.
    Very well done Fatima, i'm waiting for more from you, keep going girl!!!

    Sur Maata Hoti Hai
    Aur Taal Pita
    Jo Be Taala Hai
    Wo Anaat Hai


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    Jul 2006
    waah..!!!! :-) ...dat was gr88....
    nice n sweet n soothin voice....good guitaring 2... n da sound 4m da guitar is kinda damp..i guess...suitin da song...

    waitin 4 more.recrdings.!!!!
    take care..

    keep posting..!!



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