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    Crazy_Engineer's Avatar
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    Aug 2007

    Thumbs up Pukarta Chala Hun Mein (Instrumental) - On Acoustic Guitar

    Hello Friends,

    I did yet another video. This time, its instrumental! I tried to play the evergreen "Pukarta Chala Hun Mein" on my acoustic guitar. I hope you will like it.

    Check it here:

    Comments, feedback welcome!
    New Venture: # # & :-)

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    psb_81 is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2008

    Tabs needed.

    Can u post the tabs for "Pukarta Chala hu main" ??

    Thnx in advance,

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    May 2006
    Somewhere in time
    nice one dude........u should've sung...........but a nice attempt.......

    try one thing....slightly difficult but it will help you improve as a guitarist.....

    while playing the lead simultaneously play the plucking.......kinda hard but it sounds cool esp when you're playing alone.......

    Nobody dies a virgin; because in the end, life f u c k s us all!

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    Dec 2006
    The Netherlands

    Thumbs up

    Hey Crazy_Engineer, nicely done man, it really sounds great. I think what Sukrut said about the plucking stuff, it would be sounding much better!
    I think i'll cover this song someday too, don't know yet if i'll play it with piano sounds or guitar sounds, but its definitely going to happen!
    Used to play this song in our band aswell!
    Take care man!

    Sur Maata Hoti Hai
    Aur Taal Pita
    Jo Be Taala Hai
    Wo Anaat Hai




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