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    adilali79 is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2008

    Post Own compostions and vocals

    Hi, i recorded a coupla songs at a studio, along with other musicians. The lyrics, compostion and vocals are done by me. Please visit and let me know what you think. I have been playing classical guitar and singing for a few years now. I'd love to get some feedback. Thanks

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    musicmanPKR's Avatar
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    Mar 2006

    Cool Ankhein

    Hi, So I Heard ur song On SC. The Theme Of The Song is Pretty Good, specially seeing ur taste in music.

    Vocals: Seeing Ur Taste In Music, Ur Voice & Singing Style goes to Those of Hariharan & Jagjit Singh. Defintely can Do better by not going too Falsetto-ish (keepin in mind the type of song). Should have been a li'l More Sharper. It also Seems a little down Pitched for u. Rest Accent, Diction R All Superb. Ur Voice Also Has a certain Kind of "Roohaniyat". (Based on Ankhein & Maa)

    Sound Mixing & Engg.: Needs Improvement. The Vocals Were Very Suppressed. Don't GetMe Wrong here. They were audible but not what could catch ur attention immediately. A little High & low End Freq. Boost Would have definetly helped.

    Lyrics: The Lyrical Theme of the Song is very Amazing. Totally Out of the League and Very Convincing. Hats off on This Section

    Composing: The Composition of the Song is very good. The Intros & interludes are also very clean without any complexities the guitar Runs Through out the Song R also Impressive.

    BTW i'm sorry if i'm toooo Harsh , but there is a Definite Scope of improvement.

    Hope Too Hear More Gud Stuff From U
    Wish U All Loads Of Happy Strumming.
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    Keoraf's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    The Netherlands

    Thumbs up

    Man this is really wonderful, i think you did an excellent job, i've heard more own compositions here, but this is sounding really professional, musically very, very good and the vocals are good too, my compliments man!!!
    The whole song Ankhein is good except the ending, when singing "Kahani Hoo ghatam", the Sur in this part has to be improved!
    Your song Maa is good too, in my opinion if you would add a smooth bass track it would sound much better!
    Overall, man you should be proud of yourself, this is really amazing, surely keep going with this wonderful job, take care man!!!!

    Sur Maata Hoti Hai
    Aur Taal Pita
    Jo Be Taala Hai
    Wo Anaat Hai


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    FEB31 is offline Beginner
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    Mar 2006
    Georgia, USA
    Verry impressive dude. Please go on with your compositions. Would like to hear a different style from you. As Keoraf mentioned, I too would have liked a light sounding bass line.

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    Dec 2007


    Can you post what keys the songs are in?
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