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    new track !!! indian, baby [performed live at apa 2006 in MA] hollaaaa

    indian, baby

    rap and music by saurabh varma

    beatbox/percussion by daniel kim

    show some love nukka !!!!

    a quick verse:

    so i walk into the club, looking for fun
    but i smell like chicken curry, and my chance is done
    girls look at me with disgust on their face
    like i'm some kind of alien from outer space
    if there is a gap between the finite (us) and the infinite, music at least makes one believe not only that there is an infinite, but that he can reach it -- for he can feel it. fire, bliss, and conviction are the plants arising from seeds of music. music is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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    pretty pro man....sumthin like early eminem....dunno - why it reminds me of the marshal mathers ep,...nice stuff - funny
    crazy percussion - but im not that gr8 a fan of hiphop or anythin widout guitars actualy - so wheres the guitars dude?
    nice werk u even play the axe? or r u a vocalist
    gr8 job
    way to go
    stuff like that
    reps and shit!
    yo! drop a bomb man...
    You're wrong when you imprison people turning tricks
    And you're wrong about trickle down economics
    If you think that punk rock doesn't mix with politics, you're wrong



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