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Thread: new recordings

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    nikkirocks is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2007
    i also want tabs 4 o o jane jana........

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    raviction's Avatar
    raviction is offline Beginner
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    Nov 2005
    New Delhi
    i recommend...u use adobe audition for ur recordings...many heavy metal and bands like dream theatre use this try it out

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    mubeen_rocks is offline Guitarist
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    Jul 2005
    wow reps ur way !!!! gud voice but certainlee absurd recording !!! improve dat !!!!!!
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    Feb 2005
    Toronto, CAN
    I can't say much about the hindi recordings, because I am sure that there people more capable than me to comment on those, but the english recordings are what I will tell you about.

    - Great strong voice, deep which is amazing for alt-rock, or new rock
    - I was listening to the Sunidhi Chauhan track and I think that you are more suited for western singing, you've got that feeling to your singing. Dido was great, although my favorite recording was the Californication cover because you changed the song and made it your own.
    - I would love to hear a heavier sound or a harder track. Some options are:

    1) I'm With You - Avril
    2) Linger - The Cranberries

    I wanted to say Zombie, but that's so overdone.

    3) Breathing - Lifehouse
    4) I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

    I think if you work on the falsettos a little more, you'll be able to pull off even more heartwrenching performances. Try a few breathing exercises if you're not getting training.

    Hope you post up newer stuff!

    keep the faith


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    god of guitar85's Avatar
    god of guitar85 is offline GUITARPLAYER
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    Nov 2005
    hmm i do remember u r tht girl who's a big fan of poets of the fall. heard ur recordings.u got a good quality voice and also play nice guitar.i really liked songs of dido specially thank you and one last breath intro as well as pyar tune kya kiya. also thr was this song called bolo na - sona. though never heard it b4 it sounded good.good job overall. wud like 2 hear more 4m u in future!!

    My homepage - GOD OF GUITAR85 (VAYU)

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    guitarist_gal's Avatar
    guitarist_gal is offline Beginner
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    May 2007
    hey thanks damn much...hey devil thanks man...n im kinda bored of doin avril n cranberries n stuff....n i cant believe another person here besides me listens to like their biggest fan ever.....!!! muah...will do covers of im with you n zombie just for

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    arparwan is offline Newbie
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    Dec 2005
    hey thats good singing and guitaring as well.....keep going
    I just wanna live while i'm ALIVE


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