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    thejak19 is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2004

    new artist ( must see )

    Hi my name is Jahanzeb. I visit this site sometimes. Rite now im more

    into writing english songs..... but anyways nothin is better then

    good old pakki music. So i had to show some love

    anyways i wrote some songs and have some covers on this site

    all u gotta do is go on the site and click on " hi-fi " infront of the song and

    you can listen to it. PLZ ppl tell me if i have any future in pakistan lol

    SO all kinds of comments will be appreciated.

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    rizaaj is offline Forum Leader
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    Sep 2004
    Sweet Middle East
    welcome to IGT...

    umm.. havent listened to your recordings.. but they must be good.. and i guess u will get a better feedback if you post it in the Soundtrack forum.. therefore, moving it there...

    - Thread Moved -
    الذئب الليلي

    أكثر مِنْ ألف رسول لا يَستطيعونَ أَنْ يَدُوروا طريقةَ التفكير في بلاد العرب، ماذا يمكن أَنْ نحن بشر يَعمَلُ؟

    يَتغيّبُ عن وطنِي حقاً، على الأقل نحن ناسَ عاقلينَ

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    itwasnoteasy is offline E chord humka dede Thakur
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    Apr 2005
    san diego
    hey that was good one nice vocals good guitaring and self written. great going. keep them coming.
    reps for you
    -Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes it perfect. I realized..



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