Hey dudes...
I am a novice guitarist... I composed this Bangla alternative song
Last year... Now I made a demo with some Sound FX...My internet is slow so i compressed it...
PLEASE Feel free to make comments...
Check this out... At this following LINK:


Here is the English Translation of this SONG:

the English Translation:
Question to the Supreme....

Where do you live now?
Are you a illusion of my subconscious mind?
With which weapon u are killing me all the times?
Why i am floating in an ocean of sadness?

To which destination I am Walking on?
Why are you showing anger to my dreams?
I believed in your quotations
But this trust is becoming my destiny...

I always tried say in poems
that I will not be a believer of urs
But this not the time for poems
Coz we are being exterminated ....