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    Sep 2006
    Yea maybe some Poker Tricks tooo :( am so bad at it.
    "Brown Jesus"

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    san diego
    hey smitzonian give me your address may be i can make it on this diwali seriously atleast you can attach the jpeg of your system with all the movie names in it. even I have also collected most of the songs of pancham but not sure I dont want to miss any of them. we were a group of 3 and uploaded mostly on you can search it by going advanced search on the site under music section and type panchamdaonly and you should find assorted collection of RD by movie name ofcourse good quality mp3s.

    aur haan happy' b'day in advance in case i forget keep doing gandhigiri :P
    -Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect Practice makes it perfect. I realized..

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    Mar 2006
    Thanks itwasnoteasy... may be i can share a screen shot with you about the Rd tracks that i have .... Thanks for the Bday wishes.....cant wait fo r my bday ... this time though .. gandhigiri will ensure that 2nd oct gets its due...

    btw i have some rare backstage studio recording o f Rd and Asha ... and some photos which are o die for... will try and see how i can share it with RD Fans.

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    May 2005

    agree with jozko

    ya dude u have a classical voice but singing along with playing the guitar is a difficult thing cuz this affects on both the guitaring as well as singing....y dont u record the guitars first n then sing on it cuz ur voice rocks...
    ......try it, u'll see the difference.

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    chadhreeey is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2006

    need feed back..

    good.. u sound good

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    Jul 2005
    chadhreeey, link not working for me. or is it

    If it is, nice work. recording quality was poor, I thought. Can u confirm that's the link?

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    lalitsingh99 is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2006
    nice work there
    can u plz post the chords ???

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    Jul 2005
    smitzee it was a gud effort per song din hav much energee try bringin out energee or pata naheen orignalee is ganey mainenergy naheen hai..nee wayz keep practicing ur vokalz
    " guyz chek our my dil dey dia hai frm da forum"
    ........ ........ ......... ......... ....... .......
    my passion can break the shaclez...


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