Inside Jokes by TheHundredthOne

Let's take a walk it's a glorious day
Plenty of sunlight and a violet shade
Talk about broken toes and French chateaus
The state of the nation or a coin on a thread

We'll find something better to do
Because the emperor's new clothes they're nothing to look at
The Big Apple may be top of the list
'But we know oranges will always win

Only photographs fade
The inside joke, a new one every day

No need to touch that alarm
Ol' Dave is just telling us to take five
Hearts and brains in jars, in the evening hours
Just serve to whet our appetites

We'll skip that trip outta town
For just lazing around and launching birds in the air
Try to dance to some new tunes don't know how to move
But you've gotta love the feeling of original grooves

Only photographs fade
The inside joke, one's got me laughing again

If it seems like we're running out of time
And there isn't going to be another rhyme
I can always write you

Curtains fall but we don't see
They're only changing to another scene
it isn't called a minor role
Even if we only say Yellow

Only photographs fade
The inside joke, plenty more to be made