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    Indian Rock Bands

    Hey guys many in here play in bands.
    But very few of us know about them.
    Just thought of creating a new thread where in
    u guys can post ur band informations and stuffs.

    Please post in this format :

    Band Name:
    Type Of Music :
    Location :
    Live Shows (if any):
    Albums n originals (if any):
    Contact information like website email etc:

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    Nov 2004
    there is already a thread like this. which was started around nov-dec of 2004... search for it lot of people including myself have posted there.

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    Aug 2005
    Band Name: ****ki
    Type Of Music : Paapi pop
    Members: 2 and a 1/2
    Location : heisenberg's uncertainity.... cannot predict
    Live Shows (if any): yes
    Albums n originals (if any): Mouthfreshner
    Contact information like website email etc: ****
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    Aug 2004
    Don't take me wrong by as the Title of this post sayz "this is for only Indians?"
    I don't have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.



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