check out my stuff. my moniker is sid blake. and yes I'm indian

my major influences are bob dylan, ray charles, bob marley, ludwig wittgenstein, and the book siddhartha by hermann hesse

some have said that I have "fantastic songwriting, unbelievable vocals, and relentless creativity. this dude is pushing the envelope constantly"

... obviously they are exaggerating, but I like very much what they say

most of my tracks are acoustic/roots rock. but a few are pop, one is hip-hop. there's a strong soul element. and I'm not classically trained but I've imbibed ragas since I was a toddler so there are def some indian influences in there too if you listen hard, especially on smiling at the sky where I climb up the scale and say 'jiva' on the bridge.

check it out my brown brethren!