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    karthik is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2005
    bangalore, karnataka, india

    I am a Song/Lyrics writer

    Dear All,

    My name is karthik and I stay in bangalore.

    Since my childhood i have penchant towards hindi songs. After having spent my ealry 17 years in northern part of our country, I have listened to thousands of songs and learnt the art to appreciate lyrics. My favs in this field are Gulzar & Javed Akhtar.

    Since last two years or so, i started writing myself. How I do !!! is to pick some tune, which I either hear or which just comes to my mind and start writing lyrics for the same.

    So far I have witten quite a number of songs. I am impressed by own skills.

    Now my aim is to make it big. I want to put my thoughts outside my personal diary. So if some of you, have some great tunes in mind. Do let me know. I shall write lyrics for the same. You can bring out a cassette out of it.. I shall get my satisfaction.

    Awaiting responce from those who think I can do some work for them. I have seen a post from in website about such a requirement. if you happen to see my post, then do reply back to [SNIP]


    mujhe aabroo ki ulfat nahi
    dhan daulat ki mujhko chahat nahi
    chalta jaun mein apne rastoan pe
    banata mitata mien apne damoan pe
    jab rahein meri to phir kya hey gum

    Mera alwida un sab dukhoan ko
    swagat hey bus lehraati sukhoan ka

    --- Karthik

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    shashi446 is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2012

    Post ready 2 hang on

    Hey Karthik....

    This is Shashi from Hyderabad and I just saw ur post and if you are really passionate about song writing just contact me at .

    I am a Music Composer I have a song and I am planning it to be made in multiple languages. So I'm looking for Hindi lyric writers.

    If ur interested in working with me just contact me on 9885667504.

    Hope we can meet on call.

    Thank You Hve a Great Day.



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