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    Aug 2005

    Exclamation DUR-(band:Strings) cover with electric leads

    i m back with some paki stuff...well everyone knows strings..and you guys may have heard this song too..its Dur .... so here is the cover

    do send in your comments and reps
    Guitar is easy, all it takes is 5 fingers, 6 strings and 1 a**hole - Keith Richards

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    Sep 2004
    good one dude .... i guess, the volume is bit high during recording which is therefore causing distrubance in the sound..

    but.. its really superb.
    Life RocKsss !!

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    May 2006
    Somewhere in time

    Cool great

    hey great recording... but do u guys record??? u'll use any fancy mike or a good software??

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    Dec 2006
    The Netherlands
    Never heard this song, but it doesn't sound bad man, good guitarplaying and good vocals aswell, and i agree with shantanukr, the vocals could be recorded better man, but good job man!!!

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    Aug 2005
    yeh i noticed that too that volume is high and its causing a bit disturbence ..
    thanks man...sukrut i dont have a band i am all by myself ..and i use a software ...and a normal mic ..thats it!
    Guitar is easy, all it takes is 5 fingers, 6 strings and 1 a**hole - Keith Richards



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