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    Thank you Jamke and skaw for listening and then posting your criticism.
    about the high pitch singing. the idea was to make sure both the harmony and the vocals have the same sound level. maybe thats why you didn;t like the ending. i guess you'd like the normal low volume harmonies.
    the thing about solo coming gradually and solo coming suddenly is that if it comes gradually you'd be expecting it but and "might" not have that much effect unless it is exceptional. but if it comes suddenly it does have an awesome effect as you are not expecting it and it hits you by surprise. of course thats what we think.
    the duration of the siolo is 1 minute 40 seconds in a 4:54 song. don't you think making the solo longer would not sound good? we think it's already too long. in fact some people said that it is too long.
    didn't understand the attached file though. you said they are both different songs. i thought they were parts from jhoot. no?
    dude if the criticism is positve (like you guys have done) it would be extremely foolish to ignore it. i belive someone will critcize you only if he/she likes your work and would want it to be better. so there is no point ignoring such healthy criticism.

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    give chords yaar..

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    at my home
    the sound clip was to show how different it sounds .. but its the way it is .. so nevermind all that i said
    Watch me play years ago


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